Harvest Festival 2014


Brightmoor Farmway’s Annual Harvest Festival

October 25, 2014 | 2-7 p.m.

Curtis Green Park (Beaverland and Chalfonte) (directions)

  • Great food for everybody
  • Activities for children (including hayrides!)
  • Bonfire
  • Fellowship with neighbors
  • Annual greens cookoff
  • And more!

October Meeting Highlights

NBB Meeting

Wonderful NBB meeting last night. What made it wonderful?
1. Our young people have taken the initiative to organize our Harvest Fest this year (Oct. 25 from 2-7 pm)
2. Other young folks reported on the Community Kitchen we are building and the fact that we have over $2500 and can register to bid.
3. We had over 45 community members in attendance, including several new ones:
  • A future resident bought a house in late spring on Chatham St., moving in in two or three weeks
  • A resident who just moved to Brightmoor from Dallas
  • A former resident who currently lives in Woodbridge, drives by often, came by because she was interested
  • A thirty-three year resident here for the first time

4. We all responded to District One Neighborhood Department Manager Stephanie Young’scall to participate in Angel’s night. Over ten folks signed up to patrol; we decided to open St. Christine’s as a warming center and for activities for the children; and we decided that we are all going donate candy and encourage our neighbors to turn on their porch light and make it a real Halloween!
5. The food that everyone brought was great and abundant.
I always have to smile a little when I hear people in the non profit world talking about having to bribe people with food to get them to come to meetings. We disprove that, you have to give them HOPE, a VOICE and ACTION, not just talk!

The Brightmoor Commercial Kitchen Project: How You Can Help

commercialkitchenBrightmoor’s farmers have been growing and selling quality, organically-grown produce for over ten years now. The next step to a sustainable local economy built on local farming is creating value-added products from the produce that can be marketed and sold commercially.

To do this, we need a local commercial kitchen where our artisans can work together to create food for your table. This kitchen will be a catalyst for economic growth, local employment, and local food consumption.

We’ve identified a location, available at auction, for a commercial kitchen and cafe, but we need your help to be able to purchase it. We’re attempting to raise at least $10,000 to purchase this Brightmoor commercial property. Any amount that you’re able to give will help us in our mission to create a sustainable, local economy in Detroit’s resilient Brightmoor neighborhood.

What You Need to Know about the Wayne County Tax Auction

This page will be updated frequently with more information about the Wayne County Tax Auction. Stay informed!

As you may have heard, the Wayne County Treasurer is holding a tax auction to sell many properties foreclosed on because the owners defaulted on property taxes. Many of these properties are in Brightmoor, and we urge both current residents and friends of the Brightmoor neighborhood to use this opportunity to strategically purchase property for housing and farming purposes. We’ve put together some resources to help you understand and navigate the auction; however, please understand that we are not offering legal or financial advice; we are simply pointing you to resources and sharing what we know. Please consult with your own lawyer, real estate agent, or CPA for further information.

Two Auctions

There are actually two auctions: one in September and one in October. The September auction offers houses for a starting bid that includes the tax liens, selling costs, etc.; therefore the starting bids and required deposits are much higher. The October auction features the properties that did not sell in September and offers much lower starting bids and deposits. As we get closer to the October auction, we’ll update this page with more information. Registration is now closed for the September auction.

The Main Website

The official website for information about the Wayne County auction is WayneCountyTreasurerMI.com. This site includes a property search and registration information.

Finding Property

To search possible properties, check Why Don’t We Own This. You can search by address, zip code (try 48223), or neighborhood. The site will show you the tax status of each parcel.


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