Gardens and Blight Fighting

NBB has a host of neighbors who are gardeners and farmers. Included, we have several youth gardens, community gardens as well as urban farms. Below you can see some images from the various gardens. These gardens have both brought color into the neighborhood and provided 34,000 square feet of growing space bringing in $7,000 for market gardeners. By bringing both beauty and business into Brightmoor, our gardens have created a stronger sense of community for our neighbors.

Youth GardensEdible Playscape

Some of our youth gardens are market focused, meaning the youth grow the vegetables to sell at mareket. Others are fun, safe places for kids to hang out.

The edible playscape: 14917 Bramell.  A garden for the little ones.  Every thing can be touched, played with and eaten.

Youth Grow Brightmoor:  14909 Dacosta.  Kids 7-18 learn how to grow vegetable and fruits, how to work as a team, and get some experience selling produce at local farmers markets.  All profits from sale of produce is split by the youth according to hours worked.  Youth Grow Brightmoor is part of a city-wide network of Detroit growers called Grown in Detroit which is under the auspices of Keep Growing Detroit.  Contacts: Billie and Bill Hickey, 14910 Lamphere, (313) 472-5295,

Brightmoor Youth Garden: 15133 Grayfield.  Kids 10-18 learn how to grow vegetables and fruits, sell them at market and run a profit sharing business. For more information, contact Riet: 313-283-8091






Community Gardens and Parks

Ideas for community gardens and parks come from inside the neighborhood, not outside, and we make those ideas happen. Over time, this has built our community as people have learned that they can make a difference from inside our neighborhood, rather than having to leave. flower garden

Structural Blight projects

By  boarding up abandoned homes with murals, we have created visible evidence of our neighborhood’s turnaround. Empty houses have served in the past only as a source of drugs, crime, and blight, but now with our murals they serve as a source of pride of the neighborhood that even those driving through can see.