Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer in our Community Greenhouse

Starting in March 2015 we will be growing transplants and in ground crops in our new community greenhouse on Grayfield, just south of Fenkell.  We welcome all volunteers.  Here are some choices:

Open hours during March and April 2015009

  • Monday 9-12
  • Tuesday: 10-2
  • Wed. 2-5
  • Thu. 2-5

Per Appointment:

If you live in the 48223 and 48219 zip code area and need community service hours, please contact our farm manager Daniel Coleman (313-718-3136)


 Volunteer with your group or as an individual with Neighbors Building Brightmoor.

   Neighborhood revitalization in a very thinly populated neighborhood is a lot of work.  Where normally 40 people, living on a block with 40 households, share the work, here it is anywhere from 1 to 5 people sharing the work of an entire block.  NBB has over 35 garden, pocket parks, orchards and other points of interest.  These all need to be maintained.  Without the over 1000 volunteers that help us each year, we could never do this. If you are interested to help us, please fill in the form below.

Volunteering in working with youth

Community members run various children’s programming in the neighborhood.

Brightmoor Youth Garden: a market garden for kids and runs from April through September.  We meet twice a week, one of these on Saturdays. Kids grow and sell vegetables and share the profit.

Lamphere Community Garden:  Bill and Billie Hickey work with slightly younger kids, also as a market garden.

The Edible Playscape:  Board president Gwen Shivers operates this garden for the youngest kids, ages 1-6.

Kid’s Corner: Jill Nienhuis and Mike Reid have an after school and summer art and homework program for children all ages.

Super Hero Academy:  Mike and Kelly work with kids at Murphy after school in this great program which gives children the opportunity to discover the hero they are.

If you are interested in any of these programs please fill in below contact form: